Tekapo is virtually in the middle of South island. Tekapo takes it's name from the lake it resides by. The area around Tekapo is known as McKenzie country, so called after a famous shepherd who opened up the area.
Lake Tekapo is a natural glacial lake that has an iridecent tourqeouse glow to it. This is caused by the morain sediment in the water.
The land around Tekapo is used predominently to raise sheep, which it is very suited for. Tekapo it self is at the head of the lake which is a very small community with a few shops, a hostel and a camp site.
At the other end of the lake there are the Southern alps.
There are a number of walks in the area that give panoramic views.
Church of our good Shepherd , Tekapo
The Church of the Good Shepherd was built as a memorial to the pioneers and also to the glory of God.The bronze statue of the Collie Dog close to the church was built in memory of the sheepdogs which was erected by the local Federated Farmers Group in 1968.
The church is small with wooden pews, behind the alter there is a window that gives a full panoramic view of Lake Tekapo.