Spirits Bay


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Spirits bay is at the far north of New Zealand. It is almost the farthest point to the north.The farthest point being further along the coast which is Maori land and is sacred. Spirits Bay is so named because Maori legend say's that the Spirits travel the length of New Zealand and then leave this point for the after life.

View Of Cape Rienga seen from Spirits Bay.

Spirits Bay can be accessed from the junction at Waitiki landing on the road towards Cape Rienga. The road leads off to the right and winds for upto some 12 kilometres until you descend into the bay.
From Spirits Bay you can see Cape Reinga, so named after one of those that sailed with Van Deimen.
At Cape Reinga you can see the pacific Ocean and the Tasman sea merging as the tides role into the shore. The waves run diagonally across each other as they merge.
The bay itself is a camp site and the summer break see's a throng of campers at the site. In the winter the site is desolate and a lonely place for any campers. In winter the weather is warm, even when it is raining as the winds blow form the north from the tropic of Capricorn and the equator.

If you intend staying at Spirits Bay take sufficient supplies as there are no means to buy any.
If you have the time it is well worth the trip and the experience.