Piahia to Russell ferry

You could be mistaken in believing that Russell has always been peaceful and tranquil .Russell was at one time the capital of New Zealand but with trouble erupting periodically in Northland after repeated attacks from the Maori's the capital was moved to Auckland. As well as trouble from the Maori's Russell also had the unenviable title as the cesspit of the Pacific.
It was a haven for criminals escaping justice as well as a whaling station.
Quay at Russell with the Ferry for Piahia docked along side

Even though Russell is more peaceful now there is one time of the year that Russell becomes a haven for what appears to be absolute bedlum. At Christmas it seems that half of Auckland descends on Russell and the large camp site is absolutely packed with those taking their Christmas break.
For the rest of the year Russell is relatively quiet. Russell town itself has a number of shops , an art gallery - "Peter Arnolds gallery " which begs to be visited where you can pick up a quality print of one of Peter Arnold's fine drawing's either in monochrome or hand tinted. There is the museum, a
store,a crazy golf course, a pub " The Duke of Marlborough " which should not be missed either for it's fine food or night life and the cafe on the sea front which is ideal from watching the sun set.
There are some historical buildings such as the Church and the old custom
From Russell as well as Paihia you can get the boat that will take you out on the Cream trip, the trip around the Bay of Islands which visits the different islands and bays and then out to the Hole in the Rock. For those who are more adventurous you can swim with he Dolphins out in the Bay.
If you need to visit the other areas in the bay of Islands you can get a ferry to Piahia where you can do some shopping, eat out, visit Waitangi or hire a boat to take you out to catch a Marlin.

At Christmas there is the tall boat race around the Bay of Islands where the boats sail out from Russell. This is best seen from flag staff hill where you can walk up above Russell for a commanding view of the Bay.
This view should not be missed at sunset which is very spectacular.
After the summer the yachts that congregate in Russell and the Bay of Islands set off north to warmer climes. If you have any nautical training or experience you can pick up a lift to the Pacific island's and even Hawaii.
What ever you intend to do, what ever time of year it is and how ever long you intend to stay in Russell it will be a memorable experience.