Milford Sound

Milford Sound is part of the Fiordland National Park which has its own airfield and access road for tourist traffic and buses.
It is situated at the northern end of the Fiordland National Park.
Milford Sound is accessible via four ways.
For the intrepid sailor, by sea, by road which is the most common route that people take, via the Milford track which comes out at Sand fly point and takes about three days and by air. The later is very scenic as you fly over the mountains into Milford sound.
A rare view of the Mitre Peak at sunset.

At Milford Sound there are two places to stay. The Milford Haven lodge, a five star hotel or the Milford back packers lodge. Also at Milford Haven is a pub a post office and a Cafe.
There are two ways to see Milford Sound. One is by the launch that takes you out onto the sound and out to the entrance and the second is by air. There is an airstrip which has regular flights taking off either around Milford Sound or back to Queenstown.
One of the main features of Milford Sound is the Mitre Peak, a mile high mountain that rises straight out of the sea.
In Milford sound is the Sterling Falls. A water fall some three hundred metres high which the launches sail close to. The Sterling Falls can be seen in the painting above on the right hand side.
The one thing that all those visiting Milford Sound should be very aware of is how heavy it can rain. You will most probably never come across any thing like it, it is very torrential, the average rain fall is 3 metres per annum. If you are lucky with the weather you will be able to see the sun set behind Mitre Peak whilst downing a beer in the pub.