Mavora Lake

Mavora Lakes


The Mavora Lakes are part of the Green Stone national park which is situated some 45 kilometres south of Lake Wakatipu and 30 kilometres north of the main highway from Dunedin to Te Anau.
There are two lake's, North and South,the north being the larger one of the two.

The North Mavora lake with a backdrop of
the Greenstone mountains

The lakes are set in a valley which has the Greenstone mountains at the head. The Greenstone mountains have a track that leads into them which you can take but be prepared for foul weather and sufficient provisions.

The Lakes are ideal for fly fishing as there is a good stock of trout in the lakes. There is a camp site which is very basic so you either have to rough it or supply your own.
The only facility supplied is a long drop, a WC.
For the artist there are plenty of opportunities to paint mountain scenes with the changing clouds and weather.

The North Mavora Lake looking south