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sketch of the Hunter mountains
Lake Manapouri is about 12 kilometres south of Te Anau.
As you would expect, Manapouri is set next to Lake Manapouri which is a very picturesque and tranquil with mountains as a back drop in every direction.

Lake Manapouri and the Monument

There are a number of private houses in Manapouri, some of which are holiday
homes. Beside the lake there is the camp site, a hotel, a general store and a craft shop.
The Lake itself is one of the deepest in New Zealand even though it does not have a very large surface area.
The geography of the area lends itself to the artist as there are a number of unusual features such as the Monument in the painting above. A large rock that thrusts out of the bush like a cenotaph.It is possible to climb to the top of the Monument but only recommended for those with climbing experience.

A view of Pearl Harbour

A view of the Cheviot hills

To venture across the Lake and on any excursion onto the lake you need to go to Pearl Harbour.This is a small picturesque harbour where you can catch the launch for the tour of Doubtful Sound.
If you venture across to the opposite bank at Pearl Harbour you can take a number of walks in the bush.

There is a cabin that you can use but be warned the area is infested with sand flies so you will need a good supply of insect repellent.
There is good fishing in the lake and as previously mentioned you can take a guided tour to Doubtful Sound which takes in the power station as well. This is a day trip and well worth the journey and time. The boat ride around Doubtful sound takes in most of the sound giving you a glimpse of what it must have been like for those first explorers who arrived in this area. It is totally unspoilt, except for the quay and is very peaceful.
The artist has a wide choice of material to choose from. Have sketch pad ready, especially if you go off to Doubtful sound.