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Karamea is almost at the end of the road leading north from Westport along the westcoast.The journey is some 100 kilometres with flat straight road until you reach Mohakinui then the road rises steeply and meander's over a number of hills. The road is very quiet so there is very little danger from traffic if you decide to walk to Karamea.
Karamea itself is a very quiet town with a general store, grocers and a pub.

Early morning view from the Karamea Domain

There are a few houses and considering how small Karamea is it also has a Plunket room, ( For those not aware,a Plunket room is somewhere for mothers to have some privacy with their children ).
The main attractions for Karamea is the fishing, both beach and trout fishing, bush walks where there is the opportunity to see a variety of New Zealand birds such as the Black Robin and Fantails. There is a bush walk that leads to some caves as well as a challenging walk up the Karamea Gorge to stormy ridge.

As well as the walks in the Karamea bush there is the Honey Comb caves just 5 kilometres up the road from Karamea where you can take a boat into the caves.

A view of the Karamea coast line , looking
south seen from the Karamea river
Karamea is an ideal place to either start or end the Heaphy track which leads over to the north coast of south island at Collingwood .
The accommodation in Karamea is a bit limited but sufficient . There is the Karamea camp site just before you come into the town proper before the bridge . In Karamea itself there is the Domain which has some showers in the block house .

A view of the Karamea Gorge
For the artist there is the Gorge which is challenge to paint ,capturing the drama of the white water washing over the bolders whilst the sandflies chew at you , dont expect any mercy .
There is also the coast line plus a number of old west coast buildings , some which have seen better days .