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One of the most memorable sights in Hokitika is the log strewn beach. Tree's are washed out to sea from the West Coast Mountains during heavy storms and are then washed up on the beach.
Logs and whole trees litter the beach which some use for carving.
Hokitikas history is steeped in gold prospecting and Green Stone carving , which is world re known. Near by in Ross you can learn to pan for gold and have a break in the local pub.

Hokitika and the surrounding countryside presents the artist with numerous opportunities to paint.
There is the Hokitika river with the Southern Alps as a back drop. Lake Kaneire has wonderful views again with the Southern Alps set
behind .

Near by there is the Hokitika gorge which is very picturesque but you need to have sufficient insect repellant to ward of the savage sandfly population.

View of the Southern Alps from Hokitika beach