Banks Peninsula
The Banks Peninsula is a large peninsula that has a number of extinct volcanoes on it.
The road leading to the Banks Peninsula goes along birdlings flat and then it steadily climbs up into the volcanic rim of Akaroa Harbour. Dotted around the rim are a number of communities, the most prominent is Akaroa which is at the far end of the road.
A view of the entrance to Okains bay
Akaroa used to be a French colony, the only one that managed to establish itself in New Zealand . From Akaroa you can reach other parts of the peninsula via the mountain road. This leads out of the volcanic rim of the Akaroa harbour and to the other harbours and bays, such a Okaines bay and Pidgeon bay. There are plenty of walks in the area some of the roads are not ideal for most cars though.
For the artist there is a wealth of material for painting, what ever subject that may inspire you. There are coastal scenes, mountains as well as some interesting buildings that deserve attention as the main subject or will compliment the composition.