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he art scene in New Zealand very much reflects the New Zealanders
taste in art,the one subject that is close to most New Zealanders hearts is New Zealand veiws.

This is not the only subject that is appreciated but but it is a predominant subject. This is understandable once you have visited the country. It is a country of numerous scenes that are waiting to be painted. The material for the landscape artist is unlimited. The mountainous landscape lends itself to the subliminal painting's, Turner would have been at home producing the huge masterpieces.
For the traveling artist it is advisable to carry a small sketch book and be well practiced in doing quick sketches. There might be times when you will get the sketch drawn in and then paint in the colour later. If you intend to paint on the spot then I have found that a good stock of A4 sheets of watercolour paper is ideal for getting small paintings done.

It can be difficult to get hold of artist material's in New Zealand especially if you intend painting in the more remote area's. The best place to buy any material is Christchurch where there is a art shop near the university called "The artist's pallete". This shop is well stocked with Windsor and Newton and Maimeri artists material's including oils and watercolours. There are a number of other shops, one being in Akaroa, near the bakery.

If you are not an artist but you are interested in paintings then any town or city should satisfy you hunger for culture. There are art galleries all over New Zealand , even in some of the most strangest of places. The museums have a selection of paintings of New Zealand done by artists who captured the scenery that welcomed the intrepid explorer as they arrived in New Zealand, especially Cook. When you arrive in any town or city go to the tourist information centre and they will give you the information you need .What ever your taste in art New Zealand will be able to keep you satisfied and can also surprise, the only problem being time.