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he accommodation in New Zealand is varied, of a good
quality and always hospitable. The accommodation

ranges from inexpensive camping, economical guest houses to the full selection of hotels from one to five star hotels.

If you intend camping the quality of camp sites do vary. There are camp sites that are very remote and catering for the intrepid tramper. These sites work on an honesty basis where you pay you daily rent into a box that is emptied periodically by a Ranger.
There are also towns that will let you camp in their domains - the park, always inquire first before pitching your tent to save running the risk of trespass onto the Queens land or Maori reserves.
The facilities on these types of sites are very basic and you should not expect much more than a toilet which can be a long drop/dunny and if a shower is supplied it will very likely be cold water.
Camp sites where you pay a fee also vary in quality. One thing that you can always expect is a kitchen with cooking facilities, toilets, showers where there is most likely hot water and a hut to eat and socialise in. What you should always think is " what you pay is what you get". There are other times where you can be pleasantly surprised and the standard goes beyond expectation. This you can expect at the Bottlehouse Hotel in Queenstown where there is an adjacent camping facilities which has a kitchen and cooking facilities but in the evening you can go into the hotel and have a drink in the bar which over looks Lake Wakatipu.

Camp sites that are of a higher quality have cabins which are ideal if the weather gets to inclement. Again the cabins can vary in quality where you will get linen included in the price.
As well as camp sites having cabins there is the Youth hostel association where you can sleep in a dormitory. If you wish to take advantage of any youth hostel establishment you would be well advised to join any youth hostel association before arriving in New Zealand or soon as you arrive in NZ, there is an office in down town Auckland.

There are caravan sites that will let out empty caravans which are ideal if you need to move into accommodation where you want a break from the weather and hard ground. The pricing for a caravan is usually competitive and compares favorably with the camp site cabins.
Guest houses in New Zealand tend to be similar to other guest houses around the world. You get a room, shower facilities either en suite or communal, bed with linen and cupboard space. In a similar vein as the guest house are the back packer guest houses, these are geared up for the more intrepid traveler but worth staying at as you can get to meet others who are either heading your way or have been where you want to go and can give advice. As well as supplying accommodation they more than likely will have a restaurant or cafe that is used by members of the public so the quality of the cuisine will be high.

Hotels range from the usual basic room with facilities to the five star accommodation. Hotels can be found all over New Zealand and even in the most remote areas which is always pleasing to know.
Where ever you choose to stay there will always be accommodation that will suite your budget unless you plan to travel to the remotest areas of New Zealand then you might just be lucky enough to be treated to some warm New Zealand hospitality.
For further information contact the New Zealand embassy or when in New Zealand get a copy of the accommodation guide listing most of the campsites in New Zealand.