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My Painting Techniques
The techniques I use are those that have been tried and tested by the old master's over the centuries.
By doing this there is less risk of the painting deteriorating like some of the modern painting's of the twentieth century.
What ever medium I work in there is always one thing I bare in mind, when to stop painting and not to over work the painting. This stage can be reached very quickly with some paintings and there is always the nagging thought that you can do a bit more. If I have come to a halt and feel that I have finished I put the painting to one side and look at it a week or so later to see if I feel any need to do any more work.
The best way to tackle this sticky issue is to do what Winston Churchill did . He instructed Lady Churchill to take the painting away if she felt it had been finished. Alas we don't all have the luxury of somebody who is willing to make that decision for us and so we have to work on our intuition.

As well as using the tried methods of the old masters I also use a limited pallet which helps to pull the painting together and create a unified feel that is easy on the eye.
I use a limited pallet of six colours which are light fast i.e. there is less chance of them fadding in the light.
French Ultramarine , Cobolt Blue, Cadmium red, Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow but not a Cadmium Yellow Pale and Alizarine Crimson or Quinaquatone Red. I use some black in the fore ground to help give depth and contrast and white where needed.

I paint a ground to help give a unified feel to the painting before I start it also takes the stark white of the canvas away. I paint over this when it is dry . If the painting is a wet in wet I try a get it finished as soon as possible and in one day . If the painting is a studio painting then I let the surface dry completely before I lay in the next colour , I also add a touch more oil so as to reduce the chance of any craqleur when I paint over another layer.
I use a broad brush strokes at first to lay in the paintingthen graduate to smaller brushes to ad the detail and where needed.
My inspiration in oil painting is Turner, Constable and some of the Impressionist's such as Monet and Cezanne.

Egg Tempera
Egg tempera is an exacting medium which needs some practice but once mastered is rewarding when you see the finished work.
Long gone are the days when the way to get any shading is to hatch the brush strokes . Egg Tempera has been used as a base painting for oil painting's in the past on some old masters . This helps to reduce the Craqleur . Even so it is an ideal medium in itself that will last for centuries with out any obvious signs of aging . This is well represented by the painting's by Boticelli which have lasted for four centuries .
My inspirations in Egg tempera are Botticelli and Andrew Whyatt who paints very fine detailed paintings..

The one thing that I like about watercolours is being able to make colours sing. Giving the colours clarity helps the painting to stand out from the other paintings that it might site beside. Watercolour paint applied correctly should have a glowing appearance. This is achieved by applying just enough paint so that the white paper helps to give the paint the glowing effect . When a colour like this sites beside a darker one the contrast can be so striking that it can stop the viewer in their tracks .
My inspirations in watercolour painting are Turne , John Varley , Andrew Wyatt for his magnificent dry brush work and John Fletcher-Watson .

Soft Pastels
Pastels can be taken any where and does not require any drying time, the work can be finished and put straight into a frame .
The draw back is a need to have few different tones of the same colour to get the desired effect . Having said that there is not a need to have hundreds of colours to get the right effect as a limited pallet still applies.
Pastel artists who inspire me are Degas and Toulouse Latrec. Degas for his simple but effective use of the colours and Latrec for his design .

Copy right

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