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Breaking Wave. Oil

Breaking Wave

I was looking through my photo collection and found this picture. I always take photos with the intention of one day turning it in to a painting. Some times it might take up to 20 years before I get around to it. The benefit is that I have time to think about wheather the photo warrents being a painting which this one did.

Oil on canvas board

Rush Hour in Fleet Street

I was walking back from Oxford Street to London Liverpool Street station and could nto help being struck by the sky line seen from Fleet Street. OldSt.Paulscontrasting with the Leahman Building and the Gerkin. I could not help thinking this wouldmake a brillliant panting

Oil on canvas

Rush Hour,Fleet Street,London
Wooded Walk by Peter Morffew

Autumnal walk

This painting is of a path that leads round by a wood. The colours were ideal on this bright sunny autumnal day

Oil on canvas

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