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This painting was inspired by an old black and white photograph .
It was so simple but effective . It looks like a very simple painting which it is in composition but the shadow still posed a challenge .
Silhouetted was exhibited at the Royal Academy's summer
exhibition in 1985 . I received some critical comments from
people who had seen it which was appreciated .

Painting on Rowney canvas board

Redcurrants in a Japanese rice bowl

The Redcurrants had just been picked and were set up for this still life. I kept the composition simple to show the vivid red currants to their maximum effect.


Painting Oil on canvas board

Redcurrants in a Japanese rice bowl
Motatapu River, Mount Aspiring National Park

Motatapu River, Mount Aspiring National Park,
New Zealand

I was fortunate enough to come across this view of the Motatapu River whilst staying at Glendhu Bay on Lake Wanaka. It is such a picturesque landscape tucked away amogst the mountains.

Oil on canvas


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