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Egg Tempera

The Black Smith

I saw a black smith at work at the Thriplow flower festival and was inspired to do a painting of a Blacksmith at work.
A week later I saw a photograph of a black smith at work which I used as a sketch for this painting.
I enjoyed the challenge of painting the hot coals, the effect of the light coming throught the window and the rustic environment of the smithy.


Painting on 300lb Waterford rag paper

Sailing out onto the Solent

This view is looking from the Royal Yacht Squadron at Cowes on the Isle of Wight.
It is looking towards East Cowes and out onto the Solent .
This painting was taken from one of many photo's I took during Cowes week .
The weathered stone work was a challenge which gave me as much satisfaction to do as did the rest of the painting .






Painting on 200lb Bockingford rag paper

Lake Wanaka seen from Mount Iron

Lake Wanaka seen from Mount Iron

I wanted a view of Lake Wanaka and decided to climb up to the top of Mount Iron and was greeted with this magnificent picturesque view of the lake and the mountains

Painting on 300lb Waterford paper

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