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Born in 1956 in Dulwich , London I have painted for as long as I can remember and is something that I have always felt I needed to do. My painting has brought me immence pleasure either through a sense of acheivement or socially . I am self taught and work in various mediums. Oil's , Egg Tempera , Watercolour , Pastel , and even Acrylic . The later I do not use for finished art work but have used it to gain the experience in the medium and understand how it work's for when I give advice and tuition .

The medium's I work in I feel have their own characteristic's which can be exploited for a desired effect. Watercolour's are ideal for loose , clear effect's that can be completed quickly either in or out of door's . Oil's can be manipulated for detailed or loose painting's . Egg Tempera is ideal for detailed work that is durable , ( Botticelli's painting 's have lasted for over 600 years ). I like pastel's for their immediacy and ability to be used any where with no restriction on the availability of any
vehicle - water , etc.

I am inspired by a number of artist's . J.W. Turner for his watercolour's and oil's , Andrew Whyat for his Egg Tempera painting's , Rowland Hilder for his loose atmospheric watercolours, Degas for his pastel's and Constable for his English landscapes .
I also like ethnic art , such as Japanese and Chinese print's, Moghul Art and Aboriginal Art.

I have had numerous painting's in exhibition's held by the Harlow Art Society . I have had a number of one man show's as well as exhibiting at the Chelsea art society annual exhibition and also at the Royal Academy's annual summer show .
I have also had painting's in a number of galleries in Britian and New Zealand .
Between 1991 and 1993 I worked as a freelance artist producing work for exhibition's and commission's as well as graphic work for commercial use . I also gave demonstration's and tuition .

During this period I set up the West Essex art group as an umbrella organisation for exhibtion's such as the CRA in St. Albans . As well as have paintings in private collection's in Britain I also have painting's in Australia , New Zealand and Gibraltar.

I became interested in photography whilst in the Army when I attended a photographic course and have been hooked ever since. My interest in Digital Art as a Creative Medium is a recent addition to my artistic repetoire. I prefer to use Adobe Photoshop for the ease of use and the extensive tools available to explore the effects on a image that will help make it more interesting as a painting. As well as using Photoshop I have used Macromedia Flash to create animations.

As well as working from photographs in doors I use watercolour sketches some of which I did some 20 years ago and paint out doors.

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