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Lioness and Cub

I have always enjoyed drawing and painting wildlife especially African Wildlife such as this Lioness and her cub.
Drawn in ink on coloured paper I intended it to be a sketch for a larger painting which never happened.

Lioness drrawn in Ink

Flapper Girl drawn with paencil

Flapper Girl

This pencil drawing was done at a Harlow Art Society drawing and sketching evening.
This is not a large drawing but I managed to get a reasonable amount of detail into the it.

After I had finished it the pose reminded me of the same type of pose by Whistlers Mother in his famous painting.

Pastimes Antique Shop

I was inspired to do this Ink drwaing of Pastimes Antique Shop when I had a exhibition here.
Down stairs is the antiques and up stairs was the exhibition room. The building I believe dates back to the 1600's and added atmosphere, especially at the preview on the Sunday Afternoon.

I enjoyed trying to get the effects of the windows and shading which worked first time.

Pastimes antique shop

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