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About 'My Long Journey by Bus, Boat and Train. A Back Packers adventure in india and Sri Lanka

In January 1980 I decided to spend the rest of the winter somewhere warm. Choosing India I left the cold and wet British winter behind. My rucksack packed with everything I needed for the next few months, included my tent.
I had no planned itinerary, just advice from some Australians I worked with who had travelled around India and briefly loaned me their well-thumbed Lonely Planet guide.
In India and Sri Lanka I met many people who through their stories, experiences and advice helped me along my journey. Occasionally choosing somewhere from my map of India or Indian tourist guide maps made the trip that much more interesting, visiting places that were definitely off the beaten tourist trail.
This was a time when there was no internet, let alone Google or blogs to read about a town or city to find the best place to visit or stay; I went on the advice from backpackers, Indians and Sinhalese; then took my chance.
This book is about my own personal adventures and experiences as I travelled to the far south of India, across to Sri Lanka via the ferry. Catching the ferry back to India travelled north visiting many fantastic and exciting cities, towns and villages on my shoe string budget.
I experienced the different cultures dating back thousands of years, and met many interesting people along the way.

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